May 9 2013

Voltron Tech Support: Episode #1

Chat Screen: 

Steve: They just wouldn’t listen.

Dave: I know, right?

Incoming Call: Nancy

Chat Screen: 

Dave: Carp, it’s Nancy. BRB

Call Log:

Dave: Voltron Tech Support, this is Dave, how can I help you?

Nancy: My lion won’t work.

Dave: Excuse me?

Nancy: My lion won’t work and I need it working right now.

Dave: Okay. Which lion are you in?

Nancy: What?

Dave: Which lion are you in right now?

Nancy: I don’t know. How would I know that?

Dave: What color is it?

Nancy: Red.

Dave: All right, give me just a second while I look up the specs on your lion.

Nancy: Mine’s the oldest lion in Voltron.

Dave (rolls eyes): …

Dave: Oookay, it looks like you are the left arm of Voltron. What is your lion not doing?

Nancy: It’s not working!

Dave: Right. How is it specifically not working?

Nancy: It won’t turn on.

Dave: How did you get it in arm-position?

Nancy: It turns on as a lion, but it doesn’t turn on as an arm.

Dave: All right. Please unplug the red lion–.

Nancy: I already did that.

Dave: Let me finish, please. Unplug the red lion from Voltron and wait 30 seconds and plug it back in.

Nancy: (grumbling) I don’t have time for this.

Chat Screen: 

Dave: yo

Steve: ya?

Dave: Apparently 30 seconds is too long to wait to undock and redock a 3 ton piloted flying animatronic lion giant robot arm.


Call Log: 

Dave: How’s it going, Nancy?

Nancy: Just a minute…


Nancy: Hey, it’s working. Why’d it do that?

Dave: It just does that once in a while.

Nancy: [grumble grumble]

End Call: Nancy

Chat Screen: 

Dave: I’m back

Steve: That took forever.

Dave: Good thing calling and rebooting was faster than just rebooting 😐

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