Jul 10 2012

Review: Brave

We saw Pixar’s Brave last weekend. It was OK.

I didn’t love or hate the movie; it was just fine. Really, it just seemed like pretty much every other Disney princess movie: I’m a young princess, I don’t want to do any thing I don’t feel like doing, I am willing to do bad things to keep from doing it, I don’t care about the consequences, etc. Our princess does learn a lesson, but it doesn’t really change much of the course of the movie–only a small consequence at the very end; in every other way, she gets what she wanted. By comparison, look at Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in Iron Man, who learns the most significant lesson early in the movie, changing the course of his entire life as you had seen it to that point.

I really wanted to like our heroine, but if she was my daughter I wouldn’t like her very much (but then, I didn’t really like her parents in the film either).

The film is visually gorgeous, and it is humorous at times. The rest of the characters are fine, but I didn’t find myself caring about them a great deal.  I liked much of the music, but didn’t love it. Overall, I would say you could wait until it hits DVD.

Best part? The short film La Luna that precedes the movie, which was beautiful and imaginative.

I hate saying it, but Brave replaces A Bug’s Life as my least favorite Pixar film. Favorites? Up, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Toy Story 1 & 2.


Jun 2 2009

Review: Up

Last night I saw Pixar’s latest movie, Up

It was brilliant. For those of you who either haven’t seen it or, hopefully, haven’t even seen the trailers, I will just say this: go see it.

Personally, I try not to watch trailers anymore, as it seems some of Hollywood’s most talented people make awesome trailers for crummy movies, and you have preconceived notions about what is going to happen when you see the movie.

At any rate, Up is awesome.

However, it may make you very angry. Let me explain.

When you see a movie like Up, you realize what the problem with the movie industry really is: it’s that most movies stink.

Or in the cases of Paul Blart: Mall Cop or Monsters vs. Aliens, they stink like a rotting squid corpse filled with pig sewage sitting in the sun in August in Missouri.

The reason you may be angry after watching Up is that you realize every movie should be this good. Every movie made today with even an average budget should make you that happy to go to the movies.

And when it’s a bad movie (see previous paragraph), you feel ripped off. Much like when a sequel doesn’t live up to its previous chapters (yes, I’m looking at you Ghostbusters 2, MIB 2, Hellboy 2, Indy 4, and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3).

At any rate, the reason Up is so great is this: Pixar’s vicious dedication to delivering a great, focused story with characters you actually care about.