Jul 13 2010

Cousaunts & Cousuncles

k’ZANT, k’ZUNKLE, n. member of a family who was one’s cousin, but through intra-family adulterous relationships, have now also become one’s aunt or uncle.

I heard these words from some friends of mine who are a married couple, and who had these unique relatives on both his and her side of their family.

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Oct 17 2009

Alms for the poor

Back in the 60s my grampa, my dad, and my uncle used to drive to Kansas City to stay in an apartment and work all week, then drive back home to southern Missouri on the weekends. Dad said when they got back to the apartment, my uncle would get out an old can and say, in his most pitiful voice:

“Alms, alms for the poor!”

Dad and Grampa would laugh and throw change in his can.

Dad said they thought it was pretty funny–until the end of the month when my uncle had an extra $20.

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