Jul 13 2012

It’s Friday!

My friend B has a love / hate relationship with Friday. I won’t get into the origin story, but ever since he has worked with us he hates being reminded that it is Friday. And so every single Friday we try to make it a point to tell him that it is, indeed, Friday. Each week we try to top our previous efforts, finding increasingly creative ways to annoy him.

A couple of weeks ago I kind of let him down, and just had to simply tell him I didn’t have the effort to ‘do Friday.’

But today was different. I had been planning this since last week.

  • ME: Hey, B, I’m having a brain cramp; what was the name of that guy on the island with Robinson Crusoe?
  • B: Man, I don’t know. It was some weird name. Wasn’t he an Indian or something?
  • ME: Yeah, some kind of native. You’d think that he’d have a name like ‘Chickamauga’ or something.
  • B: Wasn’t he named after an object or something?
  • ME: It was something weird–wait–his name was Friday!
  • B (thinking that I had simply solved my trivia question): That was it! You got me.
  • ME: I did get you–IT’S FRIDAY!
  • B: I hate you, Dan, but only because you are wittier and cleverer than me.

He might not have actually those actual words on that last line, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant.

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Jul 24 2009

Hardwood, books & movies

I love books, and have for a long time. I think a lot of it stems from when I was a kid, when we would go to the mall. Mom and my brother would go somewhere, and dad and I would go to the bookstore.

I don’t know what dad was looking at, but I spent a lot of time sitting on the hardwood floor of Walden Books reading. The only book I remember reading was a book of behind-the-scenes stuff from Star Wars: how they did the effects, actors’ names, etc.

This book is what started me on a path of memorizing useless trivia (actors, directors, special effects guys). But it also got me to watch any movie that had actors from Star Wars in it. I first watched Dr. Strangelove because it had James Earl Jones in it, and Bridge on the River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia because they had Sir Alec Guinness in them.

Guinness later said that he hated Star Wars and that George Lucas’s dialog was awful, and he barely mentioned any of the Star Wars movies in his autobiography. It’s really too bad, because I wouldn’t have watched any of his “good” films if it weren’t for his work in a space opera that he detested.

But besides the movies and trivia, I developed a love of hardwood floors. My house has hardwood throughout most of the main floor, including my office. Soon, I plan to line the walls with shelves for my books, including my books about movies.

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