Nov 26 2009


Some of my happiest memories are from Thanksgivings past. Family gathered together preparing and then eating a ton of food. Stories told over the dinner table about this cousin or that uncle. Playing various card or board games way into the night.

This Thanksgiving will be bittersweet for me though; as some of you know my mother passed away this year and this is our first big family holiday without her. We are going to be with my Dad in Osceola and I know there will be times when remembering will lead to many tears. I miss her but am glad that her pain is gone and she is with our Lord in Heaven. But I can’t stop wishing that we could have had her for just a bit longer.

My little sister will be giving birth in June of next year and Mom won’t be there. She won’t get to see her granddaughters graduate or get married. She won’t be there for me to call when I just need someone to lean on. She won’t be there for me to hug, tease, or joke with. But she is always in my heart. 

I challenge all of you reading this to give a hug to all your relatives, even weird Aunt Bessie, because this might be the last Thanksgiving you have with them. Get over your petty arguments and disagreements that have been going on for years. Be happy that they are part of your heritage and remember those that are gone from you now.

I plan on remembering my mother by telling lots of funny stories that she was involved in and giving lots of hugs to those relatives who remain.

And I can’t lie: I will be shedding lots of tears also.

I love you mom and will always miss you and your smile.

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Nov 25 2009

Cake or death

Once, Heather and the girls went out of town for Thanksgiving; I was stuck at home because I had to work. But before Heather left, she made a chocolate cake. So I had cake for breakfast that first day. When I came home for lunch, I didn’t feel like cooking, so I had chocolate cake for lunch, too. After I got home from work, why cook for just one person? So I had chocolate cake for dinner.

After that, Heather wouldn’t leave without making sure someone would feed me.

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