Aug 5 2010

Superman saves the day

Last year one of my students graduated from high school. Travis is a very mild mannered guy who always keeps his nose clean, and also a huge Superman fan. He was one of my very first students, and we hang out once in a while. However, the fact is, graduations are always boring. So I skipped it.

What I didn’t know was that he and his best friend had a plan: they were both going to wear Superman costumes under their graduation robes, and then when they received their stage diplomas, they would reveal their super identities. Travis was in the middle of the procession, and his buddy Scott was toward the end.

It went down like this: when Travis hit the stage to get his diploma, he started unbuttoning his robe. His dad, watching in the audience, silently mouthed, “No! No!”

Travis busted out of his robe in full Superman regalia and flew (ran) out of the gym. He was a huge hit.

But the event was not without some consternation, however. After seeing the superintendent’s reaction, Scott chickened out and stayed robed.┬áIt was starting to look like Travis might not get his real diploma, so he took out an add in the paper that week to apologize to anyone who was offended (read: stuffy).

After the whole thing kind of blew over, the mother of one of the other graduates told Travis’s mom the following: her son, who was right behind Travis, was planning to disrobe when he got to the stage as well–except he wasn’t wearing a superhero costume–or anything else. Like Scott, this guy chickened out after Travis’s stunt went off.

“So in a way,” she said, “Superman really did save the day.”

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Mar 26 2010

Review: Ladyhawke

Heather and I both remember loving this movie, and we rented so we could watch it with the girls.

It was not the best around. The movie was directed by Richard Donner (Superman, The Goonies), so I was expecting better. Matthew Broderick is the only great part about the movie: he is totally natural and believable as a medieval smart-aleck. Michelle Pfeiffer is fine. However, the Rutger Hauer puppet is rather wooden and unconvincing as a real person. Wait, that actually was Rutger Hauer.

The swords, fighting, and special effects are all kind of lame; not the worst ever, but certainly not great.

But the one thing that absolutely ruined the movie was the soundtrack: while some parts of it were orchestral, all of the action sequences and the main title were done by Alan Parsons. His cheezy 80’s synthesizer bits 1) totally date the movie, 2) are incongruous with the tone of the movie, and 3) completely un-immerse you from the movie.

Overall, worth watching again, but I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

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