Jan 8 2013

VBS 2013 Development Diary: #3: Refinement

The story and script are constantly refined through every stage of the process. The greatest refinements are earliest in the process, and the finer ones later–providing no glaring story problems are discovered.

When we first plotted this story we had three villains, each with specific attributes. I had an idea for one of the bad guys to be kind of a really intelligent, master tinkerer who had made his own clockwork/steampunk armor/exoskeleton, kind of an ancient China version of a cross between Iron Man and Kroenen from Hellboy (wihout the massive crewpy factor). Then we played around with him being a master archer, armed with a drum-equipped repeating crossbow.

However, the character wasn’t so much a character as he was a gimmick–he had no personality, no motivation, and he wasn’t interesting at all.

Then, immersion made an impact.

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Feb 11 2012

Quotable: Brad Bird

In the February 2007 Spline Cast, Spline Doctors Andrew Gordon and Adam Bergen interviewed Brad Bird, where they posed this question:

SD: On that kind of same path, what is it that separates good CG animation from absolutely amazing CG animation, in your opinion?

BB: Well, you know, are we staying purely on the topic of animation, or are we talkin’ about films?

SD: Um, you know, like, where mostly I think animation students are going to listening to this.

BB: Okay, so I won’t say the top five things, which is story, story, story, story, and storytelling. There’s also storytelling. And story. And storytelling. And story. And telling the story well. And story.


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