Aug 14 2017

Left Behind: Bikini Bottom

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Sep 25 2013

I’m a big kid! $#%+!

I recently attended the freshman showcase for my daughter’s theater department at college. Most all of the incoming freshmen and transfer students performed a monologue, a song, or dance number. There were several good performances, and a few amazing ones.

Sadly there were a few that appeared to be the performer’s attempt to prove that they were grown-up and not at all a kid fresh out of high school. Clearly the only way to do this is to say $#%+!, frequently and loudly. In case you did not have a chance to perform, an alternative method to prove true grown-upitude was to write it on the poster you prepared to introduce yourself to attendees. As expected, punctuating an otherwise semi-interesting monologue with $#%+ made it amazingly interesting. Similarly, inserting $#%+! onto a shoddily prepared poster completely distracts from poor preparation and craftsmanship.

Instead of coming across as more grown-up, it comes across rather like this:




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