Jan 13 2014


n., British slang term for the police. If you watch Top Gear U.K., you have likely heard James May use this term several times, as in ‘The rozzers are behind me.’

“From ‘Robert’, after Sir Robert Peel (1788–1850), commonly considered the father of modern policing, and who established the Metropolitan Police Force in London (1829). More commonly used in comedy TV and Film.”

Definition taken from this surprisingly thorough list of Wikipedia’s List of Police Related Slang Terms.

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Nov 29 2013


n., slang for a suicide bomber

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Nov 28 2012


British slang for ‘delighted.’

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Jan 19 2012

Redneck chandelier

My friend Dawn’s colloquial name for those bare ceramic light bulb sockets usually seen mounted in basements. Deluxe model shown below:


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Oct 28 2011

Corn gangsta

n. One who attends a small, rural school in the middle of the Corn Belt, but dresses like he is growing up on the mean streets of Compton.

The girls brought this wonderful term home from high school. As far as I know the usage is entirely localized to our school.

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Nov 9 2010


n. British slang for either a fish and chip shop, a carpenter, or a prostitute.

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Jul 15 2010

I got yer pig

Several years ago I went to a independent wrestling event with Dave, the Celt, and Mrs. Celt. The event was put on by MRW, a small federation from the St. Louis area. The wrestlers acted as their own ring crew and souvenir sales, they had a lot of energy, and put on a great show. As it was such a small promotion, we had great seats. In front of us were a big fat guy and his big fat girlfriend.

First, some pro-wrestling lingo:

face=good guy
heel=bad guy
gimmick=stage persona

The only match I remember was between some face and a heel named Screech (not to be confused with Saved By The Bell’s Screech, who also did some wrestling). Screech’s gimmick was that he was a disrespectful jerk, and for some reason he had an inflatable pig about the size of a large beach ball. Screech put up a good fight, but ultimately lost. After the match, the face kicked Screech’s pig into the audience, where it was caught by by the aforementioned big fat guy.

After the show, as Screech and the other wrestlers were taking down the ring and packing up to go, the BFG in front of us started taunting Screech:

“Hey, Screech, I got yer pig! Hey Screech, I got yer pig!”

The couple thought this was pretty hilarious.

Screech looked at Mrs. BFG, and yelled:

“I don’t want her; you can have her!”

And that’s when they stopped finding it funny.

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Aug 19 2009


adjective, pronounced phonetically.

I learned this word from my wife, who I suppose coined it, as I haven’t seen it anywhere else. It means “at a wrong angle, misaligned, uneven, out of level, out of plumb, and/or out of square.”

UPDATE: one of my readers pointed out that woppyjarred appears to be a corruption of woppyjawed, a nice bit of southern slang.

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Jul 5 2009

Guest of honor at a hemp party

No, it has nothing to do with smokin’ the reefer; the guest of honor at a hemp party is someone about to be hanged.

And yes, the past tense for execution by hanging is hanged, not hung (hung is used for other forms of hang, like hanging your coat up or hanging out).

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Jul 3 2009


slang for ‘breakfast.’

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