Jan 5 2013

VBS 2013 Development Diary: #2: The Joke

It was Sherry’s idea to do our VBS themes on a five-year rotation, that way we would only have to write five skits, develop five sets, and 5 sets of materials. And since VBS is aimed at 1st through 6th grades, the most you (as a kid) would ever see the same skit would be twice—five years apart. Brilliant!

So last year we were in the middle of set construction and rehearsals for Vacation Bible School 2012, Law of the West, and I was standing around talking to Brock and Jake. Someone brought up what we were going to do for VBS 2013, which would be our fifth year. We had already done some of the great, classic, storytelling themes: pirates,cowboys, knights, and jungle adventurers. We just needed a fifth theme.

Some of us had previously mentioned maybe doing a Sherlock Holmes style mystery. I said we should do a kung-fu movie theme. We cracked a few jokes and had a few laughs and then got back to work.

I was completely kidding, of course. What a dumb idea. A kung fu movie. How would we do it? What possible story would we tell?

But for some reason I never forgot it….

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