Mar 26 2010

Review: Ladyhawke

Heather and I both remember loving this movie, and we rented so we could watch it with the girls.

It was not the best around. The movie was directed by Richard Donner (Superman, The Goonies), so I was expecting better. Matthew Broderick is the only great part about the movie: he is totally natural and believable as a medieval smart-aleck. Michelle Pfeiffer is fine. However, the Rutger Hauer puppet is rather wooden and unconvincing as a real person. Wait, that actually was Rutger Hauer.

The swords, fighting, and special effects are all kind of lame; not the worst ever, but certainly not great.

But the one thing that absolutely ruined the movie was the soundtrack: while some parts of it were orchestral, all of the action sequences and the main title were done by Alan Parsons. His cheezy 80’s synthesizer bits 1) totally date the movie, 2) are incongruous with the tone of the movie, and 3) completely un-immerse you from the movie.

Overall, worth watching again, but I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

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