Sep 14 2017

Quotable: M.T. Anderson

“We forget men must be paid to kill. Even an act as simple as leveling a village is costly; rapine is not cheap; and children, I am afraid, will not burn themselves.” –M.T. Anderson, The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume I

May 5 2017

Quotable: Herbert V. Prochnow

“The trouble with opportunity is that it always comes disguised as hard work.”

Apr 10 2017

Quotable: Matthew Henry

“The devil’s instruments must share in the devil’s punishments.”

Dec 20 2016

Quotable: John Piper

“I’m not an emotional person; I’m a Minnesotan.”

(out of context quote from a sermon illustration)

Aug 9 2016

Quotable: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“To the King’s favor quite restored again,
Reynard sets forth with all that lordly train,
Upon his pious journey to be shriven,—
Much the same road that Lawyers go to Heaven;—”

—from Reynard the Fox

May 5 2016

Quotable: Geoffrey Chaucer

“He is no cuckold who has no wife.” –Chaucer, The Miller’s Tale

Feb 21 2016

Quotable: Benjamin Franklin

“Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.”

Jun 15 2015

Quotable: Charles Spurgeon

“There is dust enough on some of your Bibles to write ‘damnation’ with your fingers.” —Charles Spurgeon

via Tim Challies

Mar 13 2015

Quotable: C.S. Lewis on the Church of England

“Such are the reactions of one bleating layman to Modern Theology. It is right that you should hear them. You will not perhaps hear them very often again. Your parishioners will not often speak to you quite frankly. Once the layman was anxious to hide the fact that he believed so much less than the vicar; now he tends to hide the fact that he believes so much more. Missionary to the priests of one’s own church is an embarrassing role; though I have a horrid feeling that if such mission work is not soon undertaken the future history of the Church of England is likely to be short.”

Aug 26 2014

Quotable: Adam Clarke on Nehemiah 13:22

“Shame on those who, with this evidence before them, brand this good man with the epithet of workmonger! a man who, in inward holiness, outward usefulness, and genuine love to God and man, was worth ten score of such self-called believers.”