Jul 15 2010

I got yer pig

Several years ago I went to a independent wrestling event with Dave, the Celt, and Mrs. Celt. The event was put on by MRW, a small federation from the St. Louis area. The wrestlers acted as their own ring crew and souvenir sales, they had a lot of energy, and put on a great show. As it was such a small promotion, we had great seats. In front of us were a big fat guy and his big fat girlfriend.

First, some pro-wrestling lingo:

face=good guy
heel=bad guy
gimmick=stage persona

The only match I remember was between some face and a heel named Screech (not to be confused with Saved By The Bell’s Screech, who also did some wrestling). Screech’s gimmick was that he was a disrespectful jerk, and for some reason he had an inflatable pig about the size of a large beach ball. Screech put up a good fight, but ultimately lost. After the match, the face kicked Screech’s pig into the audience, where it was caught by by the aforementioned big fat guy.

After the show, as Screech and the other wrestlers were taking down the ring and packing up to go, the BFG in front of us started taunting Screech:

“Hey, Screech, I got yer pig! Hey Screech, I got yer pig!”

The couple thought this was pretty hilarious.

Screech looked at Mrs. BFG, and yelled:

“I don’t want her; you can have her!”

And that’s when they stopped finding it funny.

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Apr 2 2010

Free Wallpaper: Undertaker 1997

In 1997 I went with my friends The Celt, his wife (Mrs. Celt), Tony, and Stickler to my first rasslin’ event: WWF Monday Night Raw is War on October 6 in Kansas City, Missouri. The previous day had been pretty eventful, with the Kane and the Hell in a Cell match making their first appearances in St. Louis, and wrestler Brian Pillman passing away in his hotel room.

The Undertaker was by far my favorite wrestler. I mean, he’s scary, he wears all black: it was pretty clear he looked up to me, so I had to go to support my biggest fan.

I had brought my Pentax K-1000, several rolls of 400 and 800 speed film, and a telephoto lens I borrowed from Mrs. Auggie. Before they started the show, all of the wrestlers came out on the entrance ramp while they tolled the bell for Pillman. All except the Undertaker.

Anyway, the show that night was great, and we had awesome seats. I took a lot of pix, pushing the film as far as I thought I could get away with. I also found out what they do in the stadium at a live event while they are airing the commercial breaks on TV: absolutely nothing.

We saw some great matches, but I was still kind of bummed that the Undertaker hadn’t been there. Finally, the show was over, the lights dimmed, and people started going home. We waited around a little bit just in case there was something else, and they started taking the aprons off the ring that said ‘RAW is WAR.’ Underneath was another set of ring aprons that said ‘Shotgun Saturday Night.’ It turns out they tape it after the live Monday night broadcast (sorry to spoil it for ya).

The final match was scheduled for a one hour time limit: Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart vs. the Undertaker.

I had about eight frames of my last roll of film left, and I got this shot:

Undertaker 1997 is available in 1600 x 1200 (standard) and 1440 x 900 (wide). Just right click and Save As (Windows) or Option-Click (Mac).

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