Nov 15 2010

Replies to What Prime Number Changed Your Life?

In a previous post about a dream I had involving life-changing prime numbers, I asked (jokingly) what prime number changed your life. I actually received a reply:

“The number 17. First, I met my husband for the first time the day before I turned 17 and second, I was married on the 17th of December.”

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Nov 8 2010

What prime number changed your life?

It was an odd question to be sure, even more so because I am not employed in the arithmetic industry nor am I a math nerd. Also, this was a dream.

I remember years ago watching an episode of Batman: The Animated Series. They said that you couldn’t read in your dreams, but I found out a couple months later that not only could I read in my dreams, but I found myself correcting my dream’s spelling.

Prime numbers are evenly divisible only by themselves and one (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, etc.).

Anyway, the other night I had a dream and one of the guys at my workplace was in it.

“What prime number changed your life?” he asked.

Heck if I knew. Normally prime numbers don’t do anything for me. After I woke up I tried to think of the answer to ┬áthe question, but I really just ended up back-reasoning answers to fit the question (let’s see, One for God, Three for the Trinity….)

So…what prime number changed your life?

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