Feb 2 2016

Carl Trueman & Aimee Byrd on Boredom

CARL: When you say that you’re bored what do you mean by that? Are there are no libraries to go to? Are there no have books to read? Are there no languages to learn? Are there no places to visit?

AIMEE: I know when my kids say, ‘I’m bored,’ that means they don’t have access to entertainment.

CARL: Boredom seems to me to be the luxury suffering of the overstimulated middle class.

More at the Mortification of Spin podcast

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Mar 16 2015

The MadMania Podcast: Episode 2

This week Elsa and I take a look at food–the greasiest, the stankiest, the nutmeggiest. Enjoy!

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Mar 10 2015

Podcast update

Sorry for the delay on the new podcast episode. I’m still learning how to do it, and don’t yet do it efficiently (plus I went on vacation for a week). Recording the episode is easy, but editing is more of a challenge, and it simply takes longer than I thought it would. It reminds me of this interchange from Futurama episode, When Aliens Attack via IMSDB:

Uh, g– uh, getting back to the, uh,
matter, uh-uh, if it please the court
… (whispering) Fry, there’s nothing
else here. You only wrote two pages
of dialogue.

Well, it took an hour to write. I thought
it would take an hour to read.

Anyway, I hope to have the episode posted some time this week.

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Feb 15 2015

The MadMania Podcast: Episode 1

In this, our no-doubt awesome inaugural episode my daughter, Elsa, and I discuss words: the good, the bad, and the German. Also our favorite diseases, and why you should definitely go into heavy metal.


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Jan 31 2015

Podcast update

Progress on the upcoming podcast is moving forward, albeit slowly. I have had to order a USB headset, as my Mac is one of the few models to ship since 1984 without a microphone jack. I have also setup the feed and gotten it listed on iTunes. However, I quickly found out that The MadCast is not nearly as original as I originally thought.

The mic should show up next week, and then we will have some testing to do before we can record our first show. Look for the Yet To Be Named podcast to debut by the end of February.

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Jan 1 2015

Coming Soon: the MadCast

Happy New Year! I have now been blogging for 6 years, though I haven’t been really that active this last year. Anyhoo, coming to MadMania starting this month will be a new feature, a monthly / biweekly podcast about design and storytelling, and maybe some other stuff.

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