Jul 22 2012


My friend Mel, mother of the world’s most adorable baby, has a new baby. She coined this term based on a recent diaper change (I don’t know which baby’s it was). Thankfully, I do not have photos to confirm whether this qualifies for poop-mageddon status.

Much as being a patient in a hospital debrides you of a great deal of your modesty, being a parent destroys much if not all of your squeamishness. Most parents I know have comedy/horror stories related to various solids and/or liquids being projected upon them by small children.

I think the worst was my friend Jess who licked what she thought was bean dip off her arm….

Jun 1 2012

Hideously modest

A friend of mine wears very conservative, one-piece swimsuits. She had left her swimsuit and shorts over at a friend’s house, but she didn’t remember where she left them. The friend didn’t know whose they were, so she threw them away. A couple weeks later she emailed my friend the bad news, having recently realized whose swimsuit it was, as it was “hideously modest.”