Oct 24 2011


n. tobacco juice, or perhaps more accurately, tobacco spit.

From now on when I highlight a word, I am going to try to, as the OED does, offer a quotation. In this case, a story:

So we’re all sitting around playing D&D: Me, Mike, Kevin, and other people unimportant to this story. Kevin and I are drinking Coke, and Mike, a non-Coke drinker, is drinking that weird Pepsi Blue. Kevin had finished his Coke and was using the bottle as a spittoon. Mike had finished his Pepsi Blue and had squashed the bottle, recapped it, and laid it sideways on the end table.

We’re sitting there playing, rolling our polyhedral dice and keeping our eyes on Tony, the DM.

Suddenly we heard this peculiar sound: PA-TOOONG!

We all turned to the direction of the sound–Mike had absentmindedly reached for his Pepsi, and instead grabbed Kevin’s bottle of ambeer. The sound we heard was a mouthful of the brown liquid being hastily expelled back into the bottle.

And then Mike loudly told Kevin what he thought of him.

We laughed so hard–for hours.

I don’t know what the big deal was; it least it wasn’t more Pepsi Blue.

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Feb 17 2011


There is a vendor truck in Kansas City called Gyro Express. They don’t make my most favorite gyros, but they are amazing. However, they come with this incredible chili sauce. It tastes so good, but every time I eat it I get super sick.

“You ever have an addiction that you know is bad for you, but you can’t stop?” I asked Mike.

“I used to.¬†You know what cured me of that?”



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Feb 2 2011

Overheard: 32 yr old male

“You’d make a crappy ninja, Mike.”

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