Sep 7 2017

Worst sentence you’ll read today


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Sep 6 2013

Quotable: John Moltz

“As for the Surface, Microsoft was forced to write off its unsold inventory to the tune of $900 million, which is a really lousy song. Like Coldplay, Nickelback, and Creed all got together and collaborated on a song.” –from his MacWorld article on device philosophy

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Mar 27 2013

Event ID 4010 with LPR printing

If you ever have to set up LPR printing through Microsoft Windows, you may experience a problem where the print job leaves the host computer, hits the print server, but doesn’t make it to the printer. Checking the event log on the print server may return the following error:

“The Line Printer Daemon (LPD) service could not satisfy the request from x.x.x.x, most likely because of network problems. Check network connectivity between the two computers.”

If you check the Microsoft Windows Server Technet article, Microsoft suggests the following:

  • ┬áThe printer IP address or subnet is wrong
  • There are DNS problems

The other possibility, which Microsoft fails to mention, is that you have to check one important option when configuring the port on printer on the host computer:


configure-lprYou must check the ‘LPR Byte Counting Enabled’ checkbox. This excellent article explains why.


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Aug 2 2011

The difference

Customer: “What’s the difference between Windows Vista and Windows 7?”

Me: “Vista sucks and 7 doesn’t.”

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