Dec 18 2017

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017: Option Strict On Disallows…

Problem 1: You open a Visual Studio VB solution / project and you have a bunch of red squiggles that tell you, “Option Strict On Disallows…” something or other.

Problem 2: You double-click My Project and click the Compile tab to check the Option Strict option and it isn’t even set to ‘On.’

Fix: Set Option Strict to ‘On’ and close the My Project tab. Reopen the tab, set Option Strict to ‘Off.’

Red squiggles should go away.

Aug 12 2016

VB style divider lines for C# in MS Visual Studio

If you are a fan of the horizontal lines dividing the subs in Visual Basic, you can turn them on for C# by going to Tools>Options>Text Editor>C#>Advanced and selecting ‘Show procedure line separators.’