Jan 7 2014

HP LaserJet 50.32.11 Fuser Error or 50.72.11 Fuser Error

If you have an HP LaserJet M600 / M603 and you are getting a “50.32.11 Fuser Error” or “50.72.11 Fuser Error,” you will probably find that there isn’t any info on how to fix this error on HP’s site, and replacing the fuser may not work either.

Each time I was inserting the fuser the tab closest to the power supply wasn’t catching properly.¬†What fixed it in my case was removing the fuser, then reinstalling it, being very particular to ensure that the blue tab on each side was seating correctly. If you install the fuser and you are still able to pull one side away from the printer, it isn’t seated properly.

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