Sep 6 2013

Quotable: John Moltz

“As for the Surface, Microsoft was forced to write off its unsold inventory to the tune of $900 million, which is a really lousy song. Like Coldplay, Nickelback, and Creed all got together and collaborated on a song.” –from his MacWorld article on device philosophy

Aug 24 2012

Quotable: John Moltz on Acrylic’s sale to Facebook

“Of course, if Google or Facebook or Microsoft or Victor Von Doom showed up at my door with a big sack full of money and another sack full of blow and another sack full of hot cosplayers, rest assured I would jump into the car with them without a single care about whether I had left on the iron or the gas burner or the laser-shooting machine that Tony Stark uses to make new elements.”

via his Very Nice Web Site