Jan 7 2014

HP LaserJet 50.32.11 Fuser Error or 50.72.11 Fuser Error

If you have an HP LaserJet M600 / M603 and you are getting a “50.32.11 Fuser Error” or “50.72.11 Fuser Error,” you will probably find that there isn’t any info on how to fix this error on HP’s site, and replacing the fuser may not work either.

Each time I was inserting the fuser the tab closest to the power supply wasn’t catching properly. What fixed it in my case was removing the fuser, then reinstalling it, being very particular to ensure that the blue tab on each side was seating correctly. If you install the fuser and you are still able to pull one side away from the printer, it isn’t seated properly.

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Sep 15 2013

One of my favorite gifts


This is the front of my Mac at work. The attached clipping is from a Pearls Before Swine comic that was clipped out and given to me by my wife.

This is one of my favorite things that I have received—not because of its intrinsic value—but because of what it represents.

At work I am often known as “the printer whisperer.” I handle a lot of the printer issues—and that’s cool. A lot of techs despise printers, but I really do like working on them.

You tend to talk about what you like, and I talk about working on printers quite a bit. I don’t know how much Heather has heard me talk about setting up or fixing printers—a pretty dry subject for a lot of people.

But this comic represents the fact that Heather at at least some point has actually listened to me talk about what I do, and understood enough to clip out a comic that pretty darned accurately what I d0 (to the extent an alligator in a superhero costume can).

She might not get every little nuance of what I do, but it’s clear that she listens to me,  she understands what I do, and she understands me.

That’s pretty awesome.


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Sep 8 2009

Fixed HP P4015 and Xbox 360

Last weekend I fixed my Xbox 360 and a pair of HP LaserJet P4015s; interestingly enough, they had a similar problem.

The Xbox wouldn’t eject the optical drive. I thought the whole drive had failed, and disassembled the Xbox. However, the drive would eject fine once the case was off. I did some more research online, and found a YouTube tutorial that showed how to remove the little rubber band / drive belt that runs the eject function from the front of the drive, wash it, and replace it. Worked perfect.

The LaserJet P4015s were jamming as they were feeding labels from tray three through tray 2. The fix was to remove tray 2, and clean the rollers in the top of tray 3 with adhesive remover.

At any rate, both problems were caused by rubber components being covered in some sort of residue that was preventing proper movement.

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