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When I was growing up I remember hearing the term ‘grease zert,’ and I just assumed it was a made-up word. While my dad was skilled at a lot of things (drawing, aviation, mechanics,welding), he was not always known to handle the English language in a manner consistent with the generally agreed upon principles of usage (he once wrote the word ‘paided’ as a past tense for ‘pay’).

But it turns out that in this case he was pretty darn close:


See more of the etymology here at Merriam-Webster.

Pic borrowed from Currie Enterprises.


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My friend Kay has written an article regarding donuts; I take exception to her spelling ‘doughnuts,’ but she is the one with the journalism degree and I am the one who dropped out of art school.

Her site is kayhoflander.com, but here is a direct link to the article.

Personally, I love donuts. It’s not a question who I would kill to get a donut; a more accurate measure is who I wouldn’t kill to get a donut.

Back when I used to work at Ace, I would have three fresh glazed donuts and a quart of whole milk for breakfast every morning. It was because of this that my boss Tom Runge called me Donut Dan, an appellation I took as a compliment.

I don’t love all donuts, of course. As anyone in the KC area knows, you are in one of two camps: Lamar’s or Krispy Kreme. As I have already stated, I love donuts, therefore I am a Lamar’s man. Krispy Kreme doesn’t make donuts, they make liquid-sugar-encased-grease-rings.

I don’t mean to make the disingenuous statement that I in any way dislike grease or sugar; I love ’em.

But come on, man; show a little restraint.

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