Feb 15 2016

Proud to be ‘Murican

I see a lot of stuff online about, “Welcome to America, now speak English.”

I do think immigrants to America should learn to speak English.

However, I also think Americans should learn to speak English as well. And while we are learning how to write and speak English properly, perhaps we might also learn to be courteous to those who are new here.


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Dec 22 2013


I had never heard this word used as a verb until recently. I was in a small group discussing Facebook. Most of us mentioned that we tended to read posts from people who posted very little. One woman, whom I admire, said she skips posts where the same user is just reposting all of the stuff they had been surfing.

“I’m not going to take the time to read 12 things you’re gonna profound my day with.”

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Jun 23 2013

Motorcycle Awareness

Most of us just think these things quietly in our heads, but my former classmate is unfettered by such constraints (her username and ‘sentence enhancers’ pixelated to protect the guilty):


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Sep 5 2012

Free iPhone Wallpaper: Kinda Sorta

I turned one of my former student’s Facebook comment into an iPhone wallpaper. Download and enjoy for free:

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Aug 24 2012

Quotable: John Moltz on Acrylic’s sale to Facebook

“Of course, if Google or Facebook or Microsoft or Victor Von Doom showed up at my door with a big sack full of money and another sack full of blow and another sack full of hot cosplayers, rest assured I would jump into the car with them without a single care about whether I had left on the iron or the gas burner or the laser-shooting machine that Tony Stark uses to make new elements.”

via his Very Nice Web Site

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Apr 13 2012

jesus vs. santans

One of my Facebook friends posted the following graphic:

I didn’t know who or what santans was or were, so I did some googling. It turns out that Santans is a commune in France (not a hippy commune, but our equivalent to a village). It has a population of about 300 people. Here is a picture from their travel page:

You would think they would make that cute little flower tree their logo, instead of the horned guy in the picture. Is that Mehrunes Dagon from Oblivion? Is Elder Scrolls really that big over there? I hope so; that would give me something in common with the French besides a love of André the Giant and being rude to people.

At any rate, the town sounds totally adorable.

It makes me sad, however, that I must pit my love of Jesus (or at least European, Catholic, long-haired Jesus) against my love of this little French town I’ve yet to visit.

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Apr 1 2012

Lustin’ for a bustin’

Remember back in the old days when gullible people would email you ridiculous urban legends without checking the facts? You know the ones I mean: out of context photo with plenty of JPEG compression artifacts, inaccurate descriptions, poor spelling, lots of all caps and exclamation points, and a story that just seems a wee bit too pat. I have created an example for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure:

The great thing about email is that it was easy to quietly inform the sender about the error without calling them out in front of everyone.

But now everyone posts this junk on Facebook, and there’s no easy way to politely inform them that they are 1) believing and 2) spreading lies, or at best, half-truths. Plus, it’s made worse by the fact that I almost never post on Facebook, and almost never comment, either, so it will look like I just troll around waiting for someone to post something stupid.

I don’t. I like seeing the joys of my friends and acquaintances, I like knowing what they are struggling with so that I can better pray for them. Despite all the cheezy ads and game requests, Facebook really has made it easier for the most part to keep in touch with people–even if I rarely interact with them. Kind of like me in real life, I guess.

Anyway, the current legend going around shows a severely debrided foot and claims to be the result of some poor unnamed shmoe having stepped on a broken fluorescent lightbulb and had to get “mercury powder” flushed out for several months, and this is the kind of mortal danger the government wants to force you to have in your home and that’s why we stock up on incandescent bulbs that convert 95% of their energy into heat instead of light God bless America.

I want to show the kindness of releasing people from deceit, but I also want to show the kindness of, you know, simple kindness. That really is the challenge of Ephesians 4:15, “…speaking the truth in love….” Telling the truth is alone is setting the bar pretty low; you could probably swing a dead cat and hit a dozen people who use honesty as an excuse for malice.

But to be honest and kind–that’s takes a bit of effort.

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