Mar 3 2011

You can’t say that here

A couple of years ago I went on vacation and instead of going floating and camping, I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. While I was in the hospital undergoing treatments you couldn’t use on people in Guantanamo, Heather stayed with me almost the entire time. After I had been there a few hours I received a visit from my pastor and his wife. I’m not Catholic, but my hospital was, and as such there was a crucifix above my bed.

As we were all the parents of at least one teenager, and Pastor and I either are or were youth leaders, the conversation soon turned to teens and some of the temptations they face. Mrs. Pastor said something about why so many teenage girls were drawn into being sexually active.

“You can’t say that word with Jesus watching you!” Pastor exclaimed, crossing himself in mock indignation to his wife.

“That will be ten thousand Hail Marys!”