Dec 20 2013

5 Years

As of the 5th of this month I have now been blogging for five years. It’s way longer than I expected. I started this thing after my TV went out and I was no longer able to play Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and boredom really does breed creativity (I’m even thinking of throttling¬†the house’s Netflix and internet usage).

I would still continue to maintain this blog if nobody read it–this was something I started for myself, I receive no income from it, and have never solicited pageviews.

But for both of you who still read it–thank you.

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Jul 13 2012

It’s Friday!

My friend B has a love / hate relationship with Friday. I won’t get into the origin story, but ever since he has worked with us he hates being reminded that it is Friday. And so every single Friday we try to make it a point to tell him that it is, indeed, Friday. Each week we try to top our previous efforts, finding increasingly creative ways to annoy him.

A couple of weeks ago I kind of let him down, and just had to simply tell him I didn’t have the effort to ‘do Friday.’

But today was different. I had been planning this since last week.

  • ME: Hey, B, I’m having a brain cramp; what was the name of that guy on the island with Robinson Crusoe?
  • B: Man, I don’t know. It was some weird name. Wasn’t he an Indian or something?
  • ME: Yeah, some kind of native. You’d think that he’d have a name like ‘Chickamauga’ or something.
  • B: Wasn’t he named after an object or something?
  • ME: It was something weird–wait–his name was Friday!
  • B (thinking that I had simply solved my trivia question): That was it! You got me.
  • ME: I¬†did get you–IT’S FRIDAY!
  • B: I hate you, Dan, but only because you are wittier and cleverer than me.

He might not have actually those actual words on that last line, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant.

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