Dec 31 2013

Quotable: Pat Carroll

Pat Carroll, describing her attitude toward her characterization of Ursula in The Little Mermaid:

“I (saw Ursula as this) ex-Shakespearean actress who now sold cars.”

via Jim Hill Media

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May 9 2013

Voltron Tech Support: Episode #1

Chat Screen: 

Steve: They just wouldn’t listen.

Dave: I know, right?

Incoming Call: Nancy

Chat Screen: 

Dave: Carp, it’s Nancy. BRB

Call Log:

Dave: Voltron Tech Support, this is Dave, how can I help you?

Nancy: My lion won’t work.

Dave: Excuse me?

Nancy: My lion won’t work and I need it working right now.

Dave: Okay. Which lion are you in?

Nancy: What?

Dave: Which lion are you in right now?

Nancy: I don’t know. How would I know that?

Dave: What color is it?

Nancy: Red.

Dave: All right, give me just a second while I look up the specs on your lion.

Nancy: Mine’s the oldest lion in Voltron.

Dave (rolls eyes): …

Dave: Oookay, it looks like you are the left arm of Voltron. What is your lion not doing?

Nancy: It’s not working!

Dave: Right. How is it specifically not working?

Nancy: It won’t turn on.

Dave: How did you get it in arm-position?

Nancy: It turns on as a lion, but it doesn’t turn on as an arm.

Dave: All right. Please unplug the red lion–.

Nancy: I already did that.

Dave: Let me finish, please. Unplug the red lion from Voltron and wait 30 seconds and plug it back in.

Nancy: (grumbling) I don’t have time for this.

Chat Screen: 

Dave: yo

Steve: ya?

Dave: Apparently 30 seconds is too long to wait to undock and redock a 3 ton piloted flying animatronic lion giant robot arm.


Call Log: 

Dave: How’s it going, Nancy?

Nancy: Just a minute…


Nancy: Hey, it’s working. Why’d it do that?

Dave: It just does that once in a while.

Nancy: [grumble grumble]

End Call: Nancy

Chat Screen: 

Dave: I’m back

Steve: That took forever.

Dave: Good thing calling and rebooting was faster than just rebooting 😐

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Aug 5 2009

Bustin’ makes me feel good

If you were a big fat huge fan of the original Ghostbusters movie (and, mayhaps, ghostbusters_gamethe Real Ghostbusters cartoon), then you will flippin’ love the new Ghostbusters video game. I received the X-Box 360 version as a belated Father’s Day gift, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it (not entirely true–I have enjoyed it to the extent that I have had or made time to play).

The game is set in 1991, and brings back the original voices of all four Ghostbusters, Janine Melnitz, and Walter Peck. The story (written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis) is excellent, the gameplay is a ton of fun, the graphics are amazing, and the likenesses are flat-out uncanny. Ray and Egon’s dialogue provides a good deal of dry humor.

My only gripes are that the open / save interface is pretty cheezy, and only allows one profile per storage device per user. Also, there are some pretty irritating spikes in difficulty for some of the bosses. Finally, the AI can be pretty irritating: on one level, you are paired with Ray and he consistently runs into a room where he will get himself surrounded by hostiles, requiring you to bail him out instead of really partnering with him.

One other gripe can’t really be blamed on the game, per se. The last games I played were Morrowind and Oblivion, so after three years of pure sandbox play where you do what and go where you want when you want, it’s kind of weird to be stuck in a linear story where you can’t just wander around and look at stuff.

Anyway, it’s nice to get a sequel (especially to a childhood favorite) that actually lives up to your expectations. Unlike Indy 4 and Hellboy 2.

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