Aug 28 2009

Test of faith

A friend of mine from our Baptist church and I recently took at trip and we stayed the night at the house of a Baptist couple. By ‘night’ I mean ‘four hours.’

Anyway, we got up the next morning anxious to get back on the road. Our hostess was insistent on fixing us something for breakfast. I turned down the wonderful offer of bacon, eggs, and pancakes in lieu of quick-and-easy cold cereal.

“Do you want some coffee?” she asked.

“Yes, please,” I replied.

“No thank you,” said my friend. “I don’t drink coffee.”

She looked at him thoughtfully before she asked:

“Are you sure you’re saved?”

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Jul 3 2009


slang for ‘breakfast.’

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Feb 18 2009

Gray’s Café in Butler, Missouri

We went in for breakfast at a quarter to 10. The food was excellent; I had the Country Boy breakfast with bacon, eggs, and pancakes. The bacon was crisp, the eggs were done just how I asked, and the pancakes were flat-out awesome.

If you like sissified coffee, then this place is not for you: their coffee hot and strong (like I like my women).

Our waitress was cheerful, quick, and efficient.

The only thing I can say against the restaurant is this: the smoke. Gray’s Café consists of one small room, and it is a smoking restaurant. Because of this, you are going to both smell and smell like cigarette smoke.

Side note: a middle-aged guy with a feed cap and suspenders who was dining alone gave up his table and moved so that they could seat a family of four at his table. That kind of courtesy is so seldom seen that it bears noting.

Overall: 4.5/5 stars

Gray’s Café
404 N. Orange ST
Butler, MO


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