Feb 2 2016

Carl Trueman & Aimee Byrd on Boredom

CARL: When you say that you’re bored what do you mean by that? Are there are no libraries to go to? Are there no have books to read? Are there no languages to learn? Are there no places to visit?

AIMEE: I know when my kids say, ‘I’m bored,’ that means they don’t have access to entertainment.

CARL: Boredom seems to me to be the luxury suffering of the overstimulated middle class.

More at the Mortification of Spin podcast

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Mar 31 2009

Review: Monsters vs. Aliens

A better title might be Dan vs. Sheer Boredom. Guess who wins?

Monsters vs. Aliens is an overlong slapstick and booger joke with no character development, no emotion, and few laughs. I saw it for free and I still got ripped off.

However, to be truthful, it is funnier than getting cancer.


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