Apr 7 2012

What’s your favorite Tim Burton movie?

Mine is that one where Johnny Depp plays that weird pasty guy, and all that creepy stuff happens and Danny Elfman’s music is all ‘oompa OOMPA oompa OOMPA.’

I’m just kidding.

Really my favorite Tim Burton movie is Big Fish, probably the least Burtonesque movie he’s done. Second favorite? Probably Ed Wood, though I don’t watch either movie except in my Clearplay DVD player.┬áBoth of them certainly have a lot of weirdness to them, but each of them is about a real character you actually care about, despite their oddities. Each of the movies focuses on telling the story, and telling it well.

I honestly don’t remember the music from Big Fish, but the music in Ed Wood was amazing. It was done by Howard Shore, years before he did Lord of the Rings. Plus, the movie has so many classic lines, like this:

Dolores Fuller (Sarah Jessica Parker): “Do I really have a face like a horse?”

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Mar 27 2012

Quotable: Jenny from Big Fish

“No, it’s logical
if you think like your father.
See, to him,
there’s only two women:
your mother
everyone else.”

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