Jan 17 2016


Now, I’m definitely not in the army, nor have I ever been (three semesters of ROTC doesn’t count). I don’t wear fatigues to work, either, just slacks and Hawaiian shirts. The other day I was wearing this one:

There are a lot of children where I work. That’s not a pejorative–I work at a children’s hospital, so seeing children literally everywhere I go is pretty normal. The other morning I was walking through the hall and a little guy, probably about six, sees me and excitedly (and quite mistakenly) yells:



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Aug 13 2009


Before you try pronouncing it with any kind of J sound, I’ll tell you: it’s pronounced MEE-ho, and in Mexican Spanish it’s a term of endearment for boys (mija, MEE-ha for girls).

I learned the word from my brother. He heard it from one of his Army buddies, who told this story:

“When I was little, I spent a lot of time at my grandma’s house. For some reason, she was always flipping me off. So one day I flipped her off. She got all teary and said, ‘Mijo, you don’t talk to me like that.'”

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