Where did I go?

Nowhere, is the short answer. I mean, I haven’t been anywhere so far away that I couldn’t have updated my blog in one way or another.  “But Jp, we’re your fans, and you let us down…”

Yeah, I hear that from all three of you, so I guess I gotta’ get back on the ‘net and leave the facebook stuff alone.  If you did find me on facebook, you’ll find it just as gripping as this: just because I learned how it works doesn’t mean I’ll use it like everyone else.  I try to get outside and do stuff.  What I’ll most likely do when I get time is play Skyrim, until I get bored, and then go outside and do stuff.  Overall though, I simply don’t make it a habit to tell my story every day.  Though my objectives are quite interesting to me, and would probably be the same for someone who is the type to purchase his old Algebra III book just for the knowledge it contains, it is really too high-minded for the likes of social media.  Unfortunately, this disqualifies two of my fans.  The third just got bored and left about two weeks after the other two got bored.  This all happened about the time they discovered youtube, facebook, news sources, Google, homestarrunner.com, or anything else that the ‘net is made of besides my own blog.

Anyway, that’s how it goes.  Maybe I’ll remember to update this once in awhile, but I might revert to facebook slightly more often, as it has a 1% increased chance of being liked over this page.

My next post should be about chickens (since this is what I was originally planning for this one).  If not, remind me and I’ll probably get to it in about 14 months: about the time when what I will write about will have been served for dinner and the second generation already grown and doing what my original post plan would have been about.    Anyway, Later.     Jp

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Quote: myself

“I have nothing good to say about [so-and-so], however, upon examination you will find that all of those uncivil words are quite accurate.”

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Beyond Obliteration

I finally got all the materials for my pellet trap, but ran into an issue on assembly: limited time.  Given my current schedule, I only had a limited amount of time to get it assembled, or wait another two or so weeks to assemble it.  Call it impatience, but I wanted to punch paper now, so I just assembled it and welded it together, sans the goodies I planned to include, like a hinged lid over the catch chamber to facilitate emptying the trap.  Then again, this thing is rather heavy, so maybe I don’t want to keep tipping it over to clean it out.

Anyway, it works as good as my old one, but makes a lot more fragments of the pellets.

The .177 pellets put through the old trap.

.22 Caliber pellets from the new pellet trap.

As you can see, they are very well obliterated.  I don’t know if it’s the harder, thicker materials of the new trap, or a higher velocity from my new springer, but their energy is well expended, and nothing escapes the trap.  I’ve tried round balls, heavy pellets, and average light pellets.  All smash, and no gash on the trap, just a mark that looks like a painted-on bug splatter where the pellet hit the impact plates.  No more messy cardboard confetti, and no more shots going through the cardboard and fusing themselves to the cinder block wall.

So, now on to the paper punching…..   Later.

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Time for another pellet trap

Once again, I find myself in need of a pellet trap. After only 40 shots on a box of cardboard, there are pellets to within 2 layers of coming out the backside. The last trap I built got in-lawed (along with a good number of my tools and other things), but it was made for .177 anyway.
I’m planning to use my previous design as a basis, but go with much heavier materials, purchased from a metal supply instead of scrap finding.  So, on with the show.

I did a preliminary test on a 4 inch diameter 16 Gage piece of exhaust pipe.  I set the rifle on the ground in the doorway of my garage back room, placed the pipe upright on the barrel, closed the garage door, and let fly.  The results were good; the pipe was barely dented with a point blank shot.


On a point blank, straight-on shot, the pipe was barely dented.

So, a 16 gage piece of steel was just dented a tiny amount straight-on, then the logical thing to do is go one size bigger….


14 Gage steel. Aww, yeah.

…and hit the plates at an angle.

Basic setup of a pellet trap. Haven’t decided where to put the spiral chamber yet.

In case someone wants to build one like mine, the dimensions of the steel are:

2 sheets of 14 gage, 14″ X 20″ for the top and bottom

2 sheets of 14 gage, 14″ X 15.25″ for the impact plates (long side as top/bottom edges)

1 exhaust pipe, 4″ Dia X 14″ length.  Mine measured 16 gage thickness.

Most of my materials are gathered and I have the easy part done.  Since I have extra material on the 14X20′s, I’m thinking of shaving off a couple inches to use as a “dead-on” deflector at the end of the V that will direct all shots into an off-set spiral chamber (exhaust pipe).  The heavier material should take the beating of any dead center shots that don’t engage the side impact plates better than the exhaust pipe alone.  I’ll post more about it once I begin assembly.



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adj; the process of family members and friends of your spouse ensuring you can’t keep anything you own.

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Breaking In a New Springer

Today, I determined to begin an official breaking-in of my Beeman, and have come up with a method of observation that should show what goes on during this period.  Sort of.  It’s not an experiment, per se, it’s more about taking notes during the process of putting a full tin of 500 pellets through it to see what may change over time.  The one control I will employ is after this first week, I’ll make a final decision on which pellets to use.  I’m going to first try, in this order:

1.  Rifle Scoped, Crosman Premier Dome Head pellets,

2.  Rifle Scoped, Crosman Premier Dome Hollow Point pellets,

3.  Iron Sights, Crosman Premier Dome,

4.  Iron Sights, Crosman Premier Dome Hollow Point.

Range will be 30 feet from a shooter’s table, indoors, 25 shots per day in groups of 5.  At this rate, I should burn through a tin of 500 in 20 days.  This is a large increase from my previous shooting, as I have only used up a single tin of 500 and 1/3rd of 5 other tins of 250 over the past 5 years.  I’m looking forward to it.

The reason I’m choosing the Crosman pellets are because of their easy access at the local store and their cheaper price.  The Hollow points are the most easy access in my situation.  I have no qualms about purchases online, but I try to shop local first, and since I’m not going for accuracy, but rather, a breaking-in-by-numbers, I’ll just grab a tin and go.  If they get really good accuracy from a local source of ammo, it’s a bonus.  If not, I’ll just get a shopping list made and order in a few other tins to try over time.  Eventually, I’ll find what I need well in time for next hunting season.

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New Groovy

Just blew part of my tax return on a new air rifle. Beeman Wolverine in .22. It’s a mile and a half long, weighs in at 48 pounds, and the first few shots from it make a pretty good bang along with a basketball-size cloud of smoke: spring piston, baby.
I haven’t owned a spring-piston gun since an old Daisy BB gun we found in the Madman’s old house when he first moved in. (it was accurate too). I know that B.B. on Pyramydair’s blog said several things about spring-piston guns.


And I never read any of them.

Sooo, I went crawling back to Pyramydair’s blog (after not having read for a year or two, or three), and did some begging for advice on what I should expect.  I mean, I knew they often needed a break-in of several hundred shots, and the smoke would eventually go away, and to perfect my “artillery hold”, and try a few different pellets, and so on.  But I asked anyway.  A few other readers dropped some advice, but BB came on and (speaking like I never left the site in the first place), he said “Just keep doing what you’re doing”.

I like that guy.

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Bad News Update

Several weeks ago, I posted about the shooter in Aurora, Colorado.  I made it a point to note the explosives that were mentioned.  I’ve since found this update on the news about it:


FBI bomb tech Garrett Gumbinner testified that Holmes used improvised napalm, homemade thermite, gasoline, smokeless gun powder, rifle bullets and a host of wiring and electronics to rig more than a dozen explosives and incendiary devices.

Holmes told the agent that he hoped to draw his neighbors and police to the elaborate system by setting up music to be played loudly from his home computer or a boom box he placed near a dumpster outside his apartment.

Above the boom box was a remote-controlled toy car and what looked like a remote control, but was in actuality a controller used in fireworks shows. It would have set off the explosives inside the apartment.

Meanwhile, fishing line tied to the apartment door would also have set off the explosives.”

As you can see, none of what he had were in the category of Illegal, per se (the Napalm and Thermite are probably illegal once manufactured, but without more details about them, I would speculate they were made from easily acquired, legal materials).

Ever since the shooting in Connecticut, there’s been a big rush on gun purchases, and worst of all, an even bigger push to begin stripping our rights and means of defense.  There was even a crowd reported by the news picketing the NRA headquarters and demanding the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment.  News media is quick to point out gun deaths, but NOBODY made anything more about the explosives listed in the news: LEGAL MATERIALS ASSEMBLED AND USED IN A MALICIOUS MANNER!  Think about that!  Someone (not a gun, a PERSON) gathered the materials and rigged them in a manner to cause harm.  That same PERSON (though, the description “person” is too nice for him) later went out with a gun and used it in a manner to cause harm, all of this unjustified by any standards.

My next post will elaborate on some of what this means, but for now remember that the gun and explosive devices were legal materials, but they required an operator.

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Quote: Futurama on foreclosure

“Wait! I found a loophole in the mortgage. If we actually pay it, we can keep the building!”

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Quote: So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

It is by eating sandwiches in pubs at Saturday lunchtime that the British seek to atone for whatever thier national sins have been. They’re not altogether clear what those sins are, and don’t want to know either. Sins are not the sort of things one wants to know about. But whatever sins there are are amply atoned for by the sandwiches they make themselves eat.

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