Oct 30 2012

I’m on vacation

I’m neither bragging nor complaining. Mostly I’m just tired. I’ve been tired for months now, due to a frenetic work schedule for the past several months, and a busy church schedule this summer.

So I’m not doing much of anything. Heather and I started vacation tired, and four days later we’re still tired. Yesterday we cleaned out the vents and did some other light cleaning, then collapsed on the couch to nap and play video games.

So hopefully by the end of our break we’ll be ready to return to work.


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Apr 27 2011

Victory, pt. 2

As mentioned in a previous post, I assisted someone at work in getting their laptop connected to our wireless network. The user was Chinese, and I greeted her with a friendly nihau.

A few weeks later I was assisting a user in Personnel.

“I heard you are a valuable asset to our company,” she said.

That made me kind of nervous for some reason.

“How so?” I asked.

“I heard that you were able to help an employee recently because you spoke Chinese.”

I saw way too many sitcoms growing up to know what happens when you let this kind of thing go:

“Mr. CEO–the Prime Minister of China is here to donate several billion dollars, but we can’t find any of our Chinese-speaking users! What should we do?”

“I heard there’s this guy in I.T. who speaks perfect Mandarin. I’ll go get him!”

I’d rather they find out now that I only know how to say ‘hello,’ ‘beer,’ and ‘where is the bathroom?’ than wait until I’m in that meeting.

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