Ace Days: Jerry’s big ad campaign

Years ago I when I was at my first full time graphic design I was at a company called Ace that made and sold radio control cars, boats, planes, and other accessories.

Our meager design and marketing team of four was swamped making catalogs, logos, stickers, ads, and packaging, so we hired a new marketing / graphic design guy that was going to to help. Let’s call him Jerry. Jerry’s first assignment was to create our new big ad campaign.

We didn’t have enough computers so Jerry brought his own in and got to work. Jerry worked furiously over the next month on The New Big Ad Campaign. I never saw what he was doing over that month, I just saw the finished product.

Jerry pitched his campaign. It was so simple, so obvious, how had we missed this?

Here was the pitch:

Plain background.


Wearing bikinis.


Holding our products.

I tell you what, that guy was a marketing genius.

Anyway, for some unknown reason Jerry didn’t stay with us long.

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