Victory, pt. 2

As mentioned in a previous post, I assisted someone at work in getting their laptop connected to our wireless network. The user was Chinese, and I greeted her with a friendly nihau.

A few weeks later I was assisting a user in Personnel.

“I heard you are a valuable asset to our company,” she said.

That made me kind of nervous for some reason.

“How so?” I asked.

“I heard that you were able to help an employee recently because you spoke Chinese.”

I saw way too many sitcoms growing up to know what happens when you let this kind of thing go:

“Mr. CEO–the Prime Minister of China is here to donate several billion dollars, but we can’t find any of our Chinese-speaking users! What should we do?”

“I heard there’s this guy in I.T. who speaks perfect Mandarin. I’ll go get him!”

I’d rather they find out now that I only know how to say ‘hello,’ ‘beer,’ and ‘where is the bathroom?’ than wait until I’m in that meeting.

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