Bamf! My first plushie

I made my first plushie last week, Nightcrawler from the X-Men. I say ‘first,’ because I plan to make some more. It was quite a challenge, as I didn’t know how to sew (except for leather or book pages) or how to use a sewing machine, so I had to get quite a bit of help from Heather.

Overall, I’m not terribly happy with him, but for a first attempt I guess he’s pretty good. When I was about to turn him outside-in I was ready to throw him in the trash, thinking that I had irreparably done goofed: his feet and hands were too big for his little legs. But Heather patiently used a pencil and after about 10 minutes had him right-side out and ready to stuff.

By the way, you wouldn’t think so to look at them, but they take a lot of stuffing.

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