Snowy, blowy

In the book of The Princess Bride, the giant Fezzik attempts to overcome a moment of cognitive dissonance upon seeing the Man in Black leaving the cliffs where he had fought a duel with Inigo. Fezzik couldn’t explain to Vizzini (inconceivable!) the idea that Inigo could have ever been beaten, so he rationalizes something to the effect that Inigo, had not in fact, been beaten, but had beaten the Man in Black and then taken his opponent’s clothes and dressed up as him.

And gained 50 pounds.

Point is, I am still trying to figure out how Lafayette County can get the interstate clean just hours after a snow, but the larger, wealthier Jackson County cannot. It must not be that Jackson does a poor job, but it instead must be that both counties don’t receive equal amounts of snow, but Jackson actually receives approximately 65 times what Lafayette receives.

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