Leash laws

One day I took the guys in my Sunday School class hiking at Burr Oak Woods and then we went to the Bass Pro Shop. We had a great day together, I got some cool pictures, and the guys all got a nap in the car on the way home (I guess they can’t keep up with us seasoned veterans).

While we were getting off of the elevator on the top floor at Bass Pro, a couple with a kid around 5 or 6 was filing in. The mother had the son on a leash. True, it is pretty uncommon, but apparently one of the guys had never seen anything like it:


I really didn’t see that coming, but I didn’t see any need to correct him; he didn’t say anything obviously rude, like pointing out someone’s weight or relative attractiveness, and putting your kid on a leash is a choice. Plus, I was busy suppressing my own laughter.

One of my friends (the mother of one of my students, actually) said that she always thought putting children on leashes was horrible–but there was this one time….

She was at the mall shopping for Christmas presents. Children #1 and #2, who were about 6 and 7, were walking while she carried child #3 and various purchased items. She said that children #1 and #2 suddenly went into a huddle, then took off in different directions:

“When I finally found them, I spent my last $10 for two leashes.”

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